What to look for while buying cheap used Impalas for sale.

What to look for while buying cheap used Impalas for sale.

January 17, 2019 / Automotive Internet Ads

Buying a Chevrolet Impala is a dream for many because of the car’s amazing performance. With that, when you add the assured quality of Chevrolet, it becomes a great car.However, as many people think Impalas can be a bit expensive, they choose to find cheap used Impalas for sale from a nearby car dealership.

With an increase in the popularity of the 9th(2006-2013) and 10th (2014-present) generation Impala cars, their demand in the market of used cars has also increased.You must first decide the features you want and choose accordingly, as both generations of cars vary in what they offer.

Run a search for“Franchise car dealerships near me” before buying a used car. Finding a trustworthy car dealership will help you get the best car deal. Here is a guide that can help you buy your dream Impala with a great deal:

What to look for while buying cheap used Impalas for sale.


Safety should be the first parameter to consider before buying a used car. You should check for any exterior defects like dents or rust spots, worn out tyres and exhaust leaks. You should also check for any interior defects in the engine, hoses, braking system, transmission dipstick, and so on. Take the car for a road test and check for any performance issues. Good car dealers provide premium cars that have met all the safety standards.


If you are looking for a car that fits a family of five, then go for the 10th generation Impala. This model offers added features like sunroof, leather upholstery and convenient legroom. The 9th generation cheap used impalas for salehave the space to fit a family of four. With the heated leather seats and upscale comforts, the ride can make you look like a big spender!

Vehicle history report

When you search for “franchise car dealerships near me”, make sure they have a genuine CARFAX vehicle history report. This will include a current emissions record, list of different owners and the environment the car was in. If there were multiple owners in a short span of time, the car might have some major repair issues. You should try not to buy any cheap used Impalas for sale if they are from areas with snow streets, sandy beaches or severe flooding. This is because these elements can sometimes damage the car.

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