An Insight into how some websites are changing rules for e-commerce of used cars

An Insight into how some websites are changing rules for e-commerce of used cars

January 21, 2019 / Automotive Internet Ads

E-commerce, a revolution which has changed the day to day commerce and economics of the world has left no sector unchanged, surprisingly enough the car dealership sector has also experienced major changes due to the boom of the E-commerce.

As the boom of the age of E-commerce continues, websites are looking into more and more ways to give their users and increasingly fluid and easy experience of their website so they remain loyal. Today, ease has become everything and even the Car Dealership industry has not been spared of that.

There is no denying that buying and selling of used cars have for long been a full-fledged business with lots of business opportunities, but with the advent of the information, things have changed. Today, you have all the information you need in the world on your fingertips and so the increased awareness about the potential of buying used cars has created this business equivalent, if not more to the business of selling new ones.

At present, being on the forefront of the information age and witnessing the constant changes happening in the industry at first hand, the Car Dealership Businesses like all others have started to innovate in giving the users the best experience possible. As mentioned before, Ease of navigation and ease of business are the only things which keep customers and sellers alike on your website.

Seeing these trends changing, some websites have come up with unique ways to lure customers and sellers to join their platform and become their loyal partners.


In this article, we are going to discuss some innovative work done by selected websites such as,,,,, and in making their inventory settings as well as listings friendly to both Car dealers as well as Buyers.

These are given below:-

Unlimited Listings

As a Vehicle Dealership owner, it is only normal that you’d like to follow up with the trends of the world and list your dealership on one of these sites selling used cars online. Having availed listings for yourself on the website, you would gladly start putting your vehicles online in search for buyers who might be looking for them. So what if I told you that sometimes it happens that only minute number websites give you permission to list as many of your listings as you like? It is understandable that it’d be an obvious disappointment especially if you are a big dealer of cars.

While most of the big namesake companies don’t allow you to list as many cars as you like, websites such as,, are only three of about a dozen quality as well as quantity websites that allow you to list as many as you want.

Although people generally have mixed opinions about this one, according to us it is only a step towards healthier competition as well as better and increased options for the customers. Some people also argue that this policy makes the game unfair for the small dealers, to those people we only have one thing to say, we don’t know if it is unjust to those small dealers or not but what we know is that innovation is the product when the going gets tough and we are sure of it that these people with coming up with innovative stuff to stay in competition and even better than bigger dealers because that has been the case since a free market economy was born in this country and world.

Even on talking to a few dealers about this policy and their opinions, most of them agreed that this would lead to benefits to the customer and that it’ll only increase competition and make more and more choices available for the buyers. Such steps might turn to be harmful to small players but not when done correctly and these websites are best at what they do.

The Problem

While allowing unlimited listings and stuff is good and all for both Dealers and Buyers, there is still one problem that arises which is of the listings getting pushed down the pages really fast when there is no limit to the number of listings one can make.

Although this problem is potent across all of the e-commerce industry, it is bigger than the rest in the car dealership one, because the product being bought is either a car or a bike and doesn’t range across hundreds of categories, and even when you sort it by company and models there are still thousands of listings left from which you have to look for your choice. At this point dealers and sellers go to the notorious third parties and pay an exorbitant fee to those shady people in exchange of a software or a technique or sometimes just a guarantee that their listing will come up first on the pages no matter what.

This really had the potential to damage the understanding between dealers and the websites and had the potential for the killing of these sites once and for all.

This is one great problem that these websites needed to solve as soon as possible, and they did in the best possible manner.

The Solution

The solution to this problem is a number of filters to sort through the listings, more transparency in the buying and selling model with no interference of the website between Buyer and Seller plus the emergence of search engines for searching cars online.

Now let me explain this step by step to you, firstly when the number of listings gets increased, it is only understandable that even the relatively newer listings will be found in back pages, so to do away with this notion websites have introduced n number of filters to help the customers filter through the thousands upon thousands of listings found on these sites, with some even crossing a million mark as well. So what these filters do is narrow down the extent of the search you have to do based on all the filters you have applied ensuring that you’ll see only the required listings. Let me give you an example of some of these filters to make you understand how specific they have become.

Some of the most specific filters in the used cars are the age of the car, the model year, the range of distance it has traveled, the number of major and minor accidents it has been through, and more.

Secondly, major websites like the ones mentioned above have also started to focus more greatly on the transparency in every aspect of the e-commerce business, transparency is provided in every step of the way from getting your car listed to get it sold off through the website. Websites tend to leave the listings to impartial algorithms and software’s while always providing the explanation for their actions plus these marketplaces have also made it their policy to never interfere between buyer and seller until being called upon, besides that they merely spectate. This enables consumers to shop hassle free on a clean site and also the car dealers don’t have to worry about their leads being shared with other local dealers plus billing on their part also becomes easy.

The third and the final thing that has happened is the emergence of car search engines like Automotive Leads, Used cars for sale, and dealership locator to just name a few. These search engines have started cooperating with the car selling websites or in some cases are owned by the same websites in order to make the search for your desired vehicles much easier than before. The unique thing about these search engines is beside working like your normal search engines, some of them also have filters so that you are able to filter and narrow down your searches.

These search engines have enabled the buyers to navigate through millions of listings that have started springing up due to the policy of unlimited listings adopted by some sites and in the process has satisfied the skepticism of big and small dealers about the transparency and working of the E-commerce market.

Though a lot of things have been done, a lot is on its way and a lot can be done to increase the ease of doing business in the particular sector, as stated before, innovations born out of necessities and so we are bound to see all kinds of new technologies, Artificial intelligence as well as a whole range of new tactics by these websites as they wrestle with each other to get attention of both the buyers and sellers ultimately making the industry even better for the consumers because it should always be remembered that amongst such stiff competition and 24×7 innovations to maintain lead, the only real winner that comes out is the end customer and this case is no different, only the customer will win at the end no matter who wins the battle of profits and mathematical figures.

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