A competition among heavyweights of Pickup Trucks

A competition among heavyweights of Pickup Trucks

January 25, 2019 / Automotive Internet Ads

Which one is the king of kings in Pickup Trucks?

“Pickup Trucks, more genuinely Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks have always been known to represent the soul of the hardworking American. These pickups converted hauling things which were supposed to be a hard labor work somewhat luxurious with the comfortable cabin for the driver. These unique automotive vehicles are and will continue to remain an important part for the American Automotive industry due to the importance they hold in the hearts of the American heart and souls.”

A competition among heavyweights of Pickup Trucks

Established just around 9 years ago to compete with the heavyweights of the medium commercial range vehicles such as Ford and General Motors, Ram Trucks has done well to give these companies a good for their money, maintaining a good competition in the market and they are expected to continue in the same in the near future as well. As of present, all the big three of the industry have announced a newer generation of heavy-duty pickup trucks. Although only Ram has been able to give the specifications, in this article we are going to compare the new Ram Heavy Duty pickup truck with the last range of HD pickups of Ford and Chevrolet as they aren’t expected to roll out their models anytime soon.

Introducing the Segment and the Competition

While the last year had been dominated by the light-duty pickup trucks, this year is all about the Heavy Duty pickup trucks meant for some serious work. All the big three companies dealing in this sphere, i.e. Ram, Ford, and Chevrolet have announced coming up of the new generation of their respective ranges of heavy-duty pickup trucks. While Ram has already revealed all the necessary specifications of the all-new redesigned Ram 3500 and 4500 HD Pickup truck series, Chevy isn’t much far with a reveal planned for this February while Ford announced the coming of the all-new super duty will be coming sometime in the next 2 years’ time.

As we don’t have the full specifications of the all the super duty till Ford F450 and the all the Chevrolet Silverado HD, we are going to compare the all-new Ram 3500 and 4500 HD with the current range of Ford and Chevy. We’ll be covering capacity, engine, torque and overall capability of all three trucks and then take out the verdict about the best performer in all the spheres combined.

Before we start to compare, it should be noted that these specifications include all the models of Ram HD, Silverado HD and Super Duty, such as 2500, 3500 and 4500 and in the case of Ford till F450. These specifications can more or less vary depending on the Engine, Drivetrain, Torque, etc. and you need to be sure that you see the specifications of the particular model you are interested whenever it is that you get serious about buying the real thing. Needless to say, please check out our comparison tool of autosalesclassifieds.com for an in-depth comparison.

The Real Deal

Now that all the introduction is done and we are free to get down to the real thing, so let us begin with our comparison of these super machines that play a major role in the American Economy when it comes to trade and commerce.


The most fundamental part to compare in cars while determining which one is better is the part from which these amazing machines derive their power; Engines. Engines are perhaps the most important part of any automotive and it is really important that you focus on it while determining which one automotive to buy.

So talking about the engine, all three of these trucks run on both Gasoline and Diesel but only Ram has 2 Diesel Engine options as opposed to one each of Ford and Chevrolet. If we start with the Diesel Engines then Ram seems to have the weakest one a 6.7L Turbo I6 which doesn’t even deliver full 400 HP, even the torque is less than both the competitors for Diesel 1 variant of Ram.

Historically, Ram has always had weaker Engines and even in the supposed high output range of the Diesel 2, the Horsepower only reaches to 400 but the torque is an impressive 1000 LB-Ft. In this case, the power is still less than both Ford and Chevy while the Torque turns tables with best in the class offered by Ram Trucks. No matter which variant of which company you choose, you’ll get a 6 gear automatic and a rear or a four-wheel drive so there is no difference in that region.

Coming onto Gasoline, here Ram has a clear cut advantage over both of its competitors. With a power Superior by a whole 25 Horsepower as compared to the next competitor Ford which is at 385 HP and an impressive Torque which is second only by 1 LB-Ft to Ford which is at 430 LB-Ft. Another thing in which Ram Trucks have an advantage is gear part, only Ram offers 8 Speed Automatic Gears while both Ford and Chevy have 6-speed Automatic gearing system. So in the case of Gasoline Engines, the all-new redesigned Ram clearly comes out as a winner.

Payload and Cargo Capacity

Although Engine and power are always the most fun things to talk about in a car, the main thing that matters in utility vehicles like these is the Towing, Payload and Cargo Capacity because these things are directly related to the utility of these vehicles.

As far as the Gas powered vehicles are concerned, Ram is the clear winner. The 2019 Ram HD Truck has a maximum towing capacity of 17810 Pounds, which is 1200 more than the second best Ford and around 3000 pounds more than the Chevy Silverado. While in the towing capacity Ram has no competition whatsoever, the Payload capacity is neck to neck with the Ford Super Duty at just 40 pounds higher than the Ford’s which is at 7640 Pounds. Though as far as Chevy is concerned, it has been blown away in both the spheres.

Coming over to the Diesel Engines, Ram Diesel 1 performs the worst in towing with 22,470 Pounds which is around 13,000 Pounds less than Ford and 1000 pounds less than Chevy, while the tables turn with Diesel 2 heavy duty variant which has towing limit of 35100 pounds, which is a whole 100 pound more than Ford. Now, as far as Payload is concerned the worst performer is the Silverado with 5518 pounds capacity and the best is surprisingly the Diesel Variant 1 of Ram with 6910 Pounds, leaving behind both Ford Super Duty by just 10 pounds and Ram Diesel Variant 2 heavy duty by a whole 400 pounds which are at 6900 pounds and 6510 Pounds respectively.

Coming to the bed Volume, Ram is clearly the worst performer while Ford comes out to be the best in terms of the volume of materials you can carry and transport. While the bed volume doesn’t necessarily make much of a difference while carrying bulky loads, it can make a lot of difference if you are carrying loose loads or using a bed cover.

Unique Features

While you compare vehicles of the same segment on a different set of common parameters, there are some features in particular automotive that are not comparable whatsoever, this section of the article covers those.

One unique feature of the new Ram 2019 HD truck is that it is a serious off-road vehicle. Equipped with a Power Wagon, lifted the suspension, an electronic sway bar disconnect, locking of the front and rear axles and lastly a 12000-pound winch makes this truck an off-road monster.

Apart from this, the iconic Ram Box bedside cargo bins have also made a return.


Though the final pricing from Ram hasn’t come out yet, the most affordable truck amongst the three is the Ford Super Duty with the starting range at just under $35,000, while the most expensive one is the Chevrolet Silverado HD with a starting range of $40,000. As far as Ram is concerned, the price of the current model is $34,740 and although the price of the new one is expected to be more than that, it still believed to be around $35,000 whenever it comes out.


After a detailed comparison of all the three super trucks, the verdict that we have reached on is that the worst performing amongst the trucks is the Chevrolet Silverado. The reason is that the performance of this truck compared to the other two is less in every segment while the rate is highest and this doesn’t do any justice to whoever may want to buy a good HD pickup truck.

As far as the winner is concerned, there seems to be somewhat of a balance between Ram and Ford and it really depends on the buyer and his utility to decide which one of these to buy. Although according to us he should go for Ford which has always been more reliable and matches it in every capacity in addition to being slightly cheaper as well. Though as far as Gasoline model is concerned you should buy Ram which is better performing in every sphere.

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